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VACON 100 FLOW is a product dedicated to two key ingredients in our everyday lives – air and water. The pumps, fans and compressors that control the flow of these elements affect everyone and yet so often slip under the radar.

With VACON 100 FLOW, we’ve handpicked all the functions that are best suited for regulating air- and waterflow: features like Multipump systems, long-life DC link technology and StartUp Wizards open up new possibilities for controlling pumps and fans. It comes with a power range of 0.55 kW/0.75 HP to 160 kW/250 HP, and a voltage range of 230 V to 500 V. VACON 100 FLOW is available in a IP21/UL Type 1 or IP54/UL Type 12-certified enclosure, ensuring it can operate in challenging environments.

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  • VACON 100 FLOW - Brochure Brochure vacon-100-flow-brochure.pdf (2,78Mb) Download
  • Application Manual Application Manual vacon-100-flow-application-manual.pdf (2,77Mb) Download
  • Installation Manual Installation Manual vacon-100-flow-installation-manual.pdf (7,6Mb) Download

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